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A mandala is an artistic representation of higher consciousness and deeper meaning - an ancient art form found throughout cultures worldwide, where sacred geometric patterns, universal energy, and vibrations from the cosmic web of life are channeled & transformed into a physical being, radiating beauty and esoteric mystique.


Though the meaning of a mandala varies depending on the creator or the observer, they share a general purpose of centering an individual, focusing one's awareness & attention, promoting peace of mind, encouraging introspection, and cultivating spiritual connection, harmony & wisdom.


This intricate dot mandala painting was intuitively handcrafted with love and attention to detail on a natural beach stone, using a special blend of vibrant high-quality acrylic mediums to create beautifully textured dots, which is then finished with a gloss varnish to seal the stone and make it shine. 


My mandala stones are delicate works of art and I do not recommended them for outdoor use, as they are easily damaged by the elements. Placing them outside is at your own discretion, and in doing so you may risk damaging or destroying the artwork. To protect these stones, I recommend keeping them indoors, dry, and away from water or chemicals and handle with care. This will ensure their longest possible lifespan.



  • 2.75" wide

Turquoise Mandala Stone (medium)

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